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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Marriage Rites

I know as a lesbian I should be all about having same sex marriages legalized. But really I'm not. My partner keeps telling me we need to go to Hawaii, Virginia, California or where ever the current place is we can get married. And while I am not opposed to taking a vacation in any of those locations I am not going to get married while there.

Which brings up the inevitable 'why not?' question. The answer is simple I am already married, We stood up in front of the people that mattered to us and said vows in accordance with our religious beliefs. That's married folks. It doesn't come much more married than this. What I want are the legal rights that should come with my current state of matrimony (and all the conservative, right wing, fundamentalist, bigots to shut up).

Therefore I have a solution. It will keep those perverted homosexuals from destroying the sanctity of marriage and let me have my rights. See a win / win situation, you can't get better then that. Best of all it is simple, straight forward and supported by the constitution.

I propose to abolish the marriage license, instead everyone can have civil unions. After all the constitution supports the of church and state. So, leave the marrying up to the church, civil unions can be the legal side of it, and everyone can live happily ever after.

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