weekly explorations in creativity

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

udder TRIPE

I have decide that I need a place to practice my creative writing. I have a notebook I did one year in a create writing class, each day we set down for 15 minutes and just wrote. I also did a weekly column for my college newspaper (even one a regional award). Not to mention several other literary endeavors. I miss that exchange of ideas, even if it was only with me, myself and I, and the stretch of my creative muscles. So I have started a new journal. I will post at least one article weekly on what ever strikes my interest.

Unlike my blog T time which is about me and follows no logic or structure or my food blog High on the Hog, which is a collection of recipes and little else, udder TRIPE will be a place for writing and all that entails. I will even attempt to be grammatical and spell correctly.