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Friday, February 20, 2009

Mommy Power

There are alot of things that were better when I was a kid. Being sick is just one of them. But since I have been laid up for the week it is the one that has been on my mind.

Sure the things that make us sick as a kid are in general more creative then most of the things plaguing adults; chicken pox, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, whooping cough to name a few. Not to mention you are more likely to break a bone and require stitches as a child (at least until you hit old age but that is a whole nother kettle of fun).

The thing is, even with a wider range of maladies that involve spots and swelling, being sick as a kid wasn't so bad. Think about it.

As a child when you were sick you didn't have to worry about the Dr bills or how much your \meds cost or even about the money you were losing by not being at work. And best of all you had your mommy.

Mommies are wonderful things, their praises should be sung from the highest tower and they should be showered with gold and jewels. Those providers of magical kisses for boo boos and pushers of soup and juice. Their cool hands sooth our foreheads and their voices lull us into sleep. They took care of you like no one else before or after.

I miss my mommy. Now when I am sick I have to haul my sorry butt out of bed to see the Dr and stock the fridge. Let me tell you there is nothing sadder then a feverish adult with achy joints standing in front of the freezer section trying to decide what they have enough energy to eat. And the aftermath of the flue is not much better.

After being sick you then have the dishes and laundry and used Kleenex. You have everything you didn't do just sitting there waiting for you, staring you in the face and mocking. When you were little there were just sunny skies and if you were lucky all weekend to celebrate. That's the power of mommies and the joys of youth.

I swear the person who starts a mommy service will be rich. Rich I tells you. Just think... before you are sick you fill out a profile, what juice you drink, favorite soup, other sick necessities and what other services you want when you are down sick; dishes done? pets walked? homemade cookies? Once down for the count a quick call covers all your bases, your 'mother comes over with a bag of groceries, calls your employer and tucks you in. 3 days later you have been coddled and pampered and ready to go back to work. I would pay for that, wouldn't you?

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